Trier’s Official City Map

Do you want to find a car park, to go to a theatre or to visit the Roman monuments? No problem with the official city map of Trier.

The Department for Land Registry and Geoinformation creates the official map for the whole city of Trier in various printed versions and in digital form. Please observe the terms of use for the digital version.

Official City Map in the Geoportal

Are you looking for a specific address, a place of interest, or a public authority? Do you want to explore our city online? Trier’s online city map provides a wide range of information on many different subjects, as well as extensive search functionality. In addition to the official city map, you will find various background maps and aerial images.

Buy the City Map

Trier’s official city map is delivered in a city map folder that contain an additional mini city map, an information booklet with a street directory, information about the city’s history and sights, and an extensive address index of local authorities, museums etc.

Buy Trier’s Mini City Map

The mini city map presents the city centre of Trier and fits in every pocket. On the back of the map are descriptions of the most important sights.

Terms of Use of the City Map

Do you need high-quality digital data from the official city map with customised editing for your publications?